Founder's Story

Our parent company, Dem Fฤฑrat Karven Tekstil, was established in 1991 in Istanbul by Cuma Ozturk. Cuma was the eldest child in a family with 21 kids. He grew up near the Iranian border on the rural side of Turkey. Because of the lack of resources during his childhood, he dropped out of school at the age of nine and started working at local shops.

...Pearlins Linen is the US branch of the textile manufacturing group Demfirat Karven Tekstil.

broad shoulders

Cuma's parents' negligence and being the eldest among his siblings left him with an immense responsibility to work hard and provide for his family. So to make money fast, he started crossing the Iranian border as a kid to buy goods at a cheaper rate, then brought and traded them in Turkey.

Yet, after getting caught numerously and punished by the authorities, he knew he needed to find a long-term, less risky alternative. So at 13, he moved to the West of Turkey all by himself for better job opportunities. After a decade of hard, laborious work at construction sites, restaurants, and retail shops on the West side of the country, in 1991, at the age of 23, he opened his first textile shop in Laleli, Istanbul, with a business partner. However, in 1997, when his first child was born (that's me!), the partners had disagreements, leading them to separate ways.

going solo

Although his former partners tried to discourage and force him out of business, this only powered him to open his own textile store. His genuine attitude and fine quality of his products made his shop recognized. With the growing demand, he started bringing his siblings left on the East side of the country and employing them one after the other.

First step to overseas

Cuma and his siblings opened their first abroad warehouse in Moscow and started supplying Turkish textiles to the Russian market, later expanding to Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.


Soon Cuma's manufacturing partners could not meet his growing market demand. So, he acquired 60,000 SF of empty land and built his first textile mill just an hour from Istanbul to fully supervise the production and cut unnecessary costs bearing his clients.


Having started a successful company and being able take care of his siblings by employing them has made Cuma's dreams come true.

Dem Fฤฑrat Karven started as a small family-run textile shop in Istanbul in 1991. Today we grew into a manufacturing plant that produces over 20 million yards of fabric every month and supplies all around the globe with its strong supply chain network.

The growth has been an exciting and ever-changing journey. However, our core values have always stayed the same. Our growing family is what encourages us to continue providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service.

Shooting beyond the

My dad was well aware of the limitations the lack of educational background brought to his life. Therefore, he sent me to the United States in 2015.

Upon earning my degree from Rutgers University with the highest honors in Industrial and Systems Engineering, I started this company, Pearlins Linen, to distribute fabrics and textiles produced in our family mill.(...and started nagging you with my never-ending cold calls and emails)

pearlins linen

Today, Pearlins Linen is the leading distributor of home textiles and interior fabrics in the US market, serving the hospitality, department stores, converters, furniture manufacturers, jobbers, and more.

Stay tuned!


We are constantly continuing to look for the next firstโ€”we are not done innovating yet.